-- for Kati


You asked of me a song;
       but I demurred,
claiming neither time
      nor inspiration.
It was in me all along
      but lay unheard,
until I found the rhyme
     hidden in our situation.

The music that invites
      us isn't dreams
or intangible ideals
      we hold in common.
But a melody unites
      us and redeems
the moment either feels
      alone, with a bold 'Amen'.

All harmony of mind
      or flesh can fail
for partners always change
     with each progression.
But in our dance you'll find
      us closer still,
when all that can estrange
      is open to confession.

The rhythm that we set
      may slow or speed;
and figures that we weave
      in daily living
will fade as we forget
      desire and need.
Yet, in the end, we'll leave
      an echo of thanksgiving.

                                       -- Mahlon H Smith


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* Author's note: This poem was first published
without dedication
 as a Christmas message
(December 1975).

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