Tacitus   [about 56 - 120 CE]

Roman historian who is regarded as one of the finest classical Latin writers. Publius Cornelius Tacitus was an aristocrat from provincial Gaul who rose to prominence as an orator & writer in Rome after the death of Domitian. From a historical perspective his most important works are:

  • Histories - 14 book account of the Flavian dynasty (from the death of Nero to the death of Domitian). Only the first four books & part of the fifth are still extant.

  • Annals - 16 volume annual chronicle of the Julio-Claudian dynasty from the death of Augustus to the last years of Nero. Books 7-10 & portions of other books have been lost. Among the missing sections are the years 30 CE (the probable year of Jesus' execution) & 66-69 CE (the period of the Jewish revolt).

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