Seleucus II Callinicus  [ca. 265 - 225 BCE]

Star-crossed son of Antiochus II & his half-sister Laodice, who inherited the Seleucid throne when his mother poisoned his father (246 BCE).  In a series of disastrous defeats by the forces of Ptolemy III he lost control of most of the Seleucid empire including the ancestral capitols of Seleucia & Antioch. He escaped capture by retreating to the interior of Asia Minor.  But by delegating control of western Asia Minor to his treacherous brother Antiochus Hierax he lost that territory as well. Almost a decade after his humiliating defeat by the forces of his own relatives at Ancyra (235 BCE) he managed to rout his brother but, in a final humiliation, died in a fall from his own horse.

References: Josephus, Against Apion 1.206-207.
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Profile from silver tetradrachma of Seleucus II. The reverse side (not shown) portrays an erect Apollo leaning on a tripod with the standard inscription "of king Seleucus."

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