Cleopatra Selene  [ca. 130  - 69 BCE]

Daughter of Ptolemy VIII & Cleopatra III.
Sister & second wife of  Ptolemy IX.
Second wife of Antiochus VIII & his brother, Antiochus IX.
Wife of her step-son Antiochus X & mother of Antiochus XIII.

Cleopatra Selene was both pawn & player in the dynastic rivalries that rocked the thrones of Egypt & Syria in the late 3rd & early 2nd c. BCE.  Her marriage to her brother, Ptolemy IX, was dissolved by their mother's expulsion of the latter (107 BCE).  About four years later she was married to the heir to the Seleucid throne, who died (97 BCE) without siring an heir.  Her third marriage to her brother-in-law lasted less than a year.  When her 4th husband was killed in a civil war with his cousins (83 BCE), she ruled a divided Syria as regent for her young son.  Her tumultuous reign finally ended when she was captured & executed by Tigranes II of Armenia at Ptolemaļs (Syria).


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