Salome II

The only daughter of Herodias & Herod II was the granddaughter of Herod the great through her father, but his great-granddaughter through her mother. The pattern of family relationships became more complicated when she was married at a young age to her half-uncle [Philip].

Since this uncle/niece marriage paralleled her mother's situation, the gospel writers understandably confused her with Herodias, when they identify Salome's father--the first husband of Herodias-- as "Philip" (Matt14:3; Mark 6:1) instead of Philip's half-brother, Herod II. [See Josephus, Antiquities  18.136]. Josephus gives no hint that Salome's father, Herod, was ever called Philip but claims Philip's mother had another son named Herod [Antiquities 17.21], whom he tells nothing about.

Salome was just an infant when her mother deserted her father to marry Antipas. Unlike the gospels, Josephus does not implicate her in John the Baptizer's death. By her later marriage to Philip, Salome became her mother's sister-in-law. She had no children by Philip. But after his death, she married her cousin, Aristobulus the younger---the only son of Herod of Chalcis--- & bore him 3 sons who, to confuse matters further, were given the same names as her mother's brothers.

References: Josephus, Antiquities 18.136-137.
                   Mark 6:22-28 // Matt 14:6-11.

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