Salome I  [died 10 CE]

Herod's older sister played a major background role in the court intrigues that plagued the royal family, since the king trusted her & was blind to her schemes right up to his death. Scorned by Jerusalem's aristocrats as the daughter of a commoner, Salome resented her brother's alliance with the Hasmonean family & [according to Josephus] relentlessly fed him rumors that eventually led him to execute his young wife Mariamne (29 BCE) & their two sons (7 BCE), even though one of them [Aristobulus IV] had become her own son-in-law. She encouraged Herod to favor his first son, Antipater III, & even delayed the latter's execution by daring Herod to kill her instead. But she wisely disobeyed Herod's last command to execute the Judean elders he had detained as soon as he died. In Augustus' division of Herod's realm she received the coastal cities of Jabneh, Azotas, Phaesalis & Askalon. 

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