Ptolemy XV Caesarion  [47 - 30 BCE; executed]

Illegitimate son of Cleopatra VII & Julius Caesar, born while Caesar was in Egypt to settle the civil war between Cleopatra & her brother (Ptolemy XIII). When his mother brought him to Rome (46 BCE) Caesar publicly acknowledged his paternity. After his father's assassination (44 BCE), Caesarion returned to Alexandria & (at the age of 3) was officially installed as his mother's co-ruler. He had just reached puberty when his mother's lover (Mark Antony) rashly hailed him as "King of Kings." During the ensuing war between Antony & Octavion (31 BCE), Caesarion was kept away from Alexandria.  But after his mother's suicide, Octavion enticed him to return, only to have him executed, ending the Ptolemaic dynasty.

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* [Note: Bevan's numbering of the Ptolemies differs since he drops Ptolemy VII from classical lists because there is no historical evidence of his reign].

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