Ptolemy XIV Theos Philopator II  [ca. 59 - 44 BCE]

Younger son of Ptolemy XII. After the death of Ptolemy XIII (47 BCE), Cleopatra VII was constrained by the Egyptian tradition of co-regents to elevate her 12 year old brother to the status of co-ruler & consort. But his reign was a legal fiction, since his older sister actually ruled Egypt alone. When she followed Caesar to Rome (46 BCE) Ptolemy was a passive member of her entourage. When she returned to Alexandria after Caesar's assassination (44 BCE), the 15 year old nominal Pharaoh died, allegedly by order of his sister who wished to install her son by Caesar [Ptolemy XV Caesarion] in his place.

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* [Note: Bevan's numbering of the Ptolemies differs since he drops Ptolemy VII from classical lists because there is no other evidence of his existence].

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