Otho   [32-69 CE; suicide]

Son of a Roman consul, who briefly became emperor of Rome in the political chaos that followed the suicide of Nero. Marcus Salvius Otho was an unremarkable senator who had the misfortune of having a beautiful wife [Poppea] whom the emperor [Nero] wanted as a mistress. Otho was made governor of Lusitania 
CE). A decade later he aided Galba's  rebellion that precipitated Nero's suicide.  But when Galba chose another heir, Otho rebelled with the support of the Praetorian guard. No sooner was he proclaimed emperor (Jan 15) than he had to organize an expedition to face the Roman legions in Germany who had proclaimed Vitellius emperor. Outmatched by superior forces, he insisted on attacking, against the advice of his generals.  Witnessing the decisive defeat of his army, he committed suicide just three months after claiming the imperial title for himself.

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