Mariamne I  (ca. 57-29 BCE; executed)

Last heir to the Hasmonean dynasty & ancestor of many Herodians. The beautiful granddaughter of both Hyrcanus II & Aristobulus II, married Herod (32 BCE), the de facto ruler of Judea, not long after he had drowned her brother, a popular 16 year old high-priest. Herod, though madly in love with her, was also an insanely jealous husband. His Edomite mother [Cypros] and older sister [Salome] poisoned his mind by feeding him false rumors that Mariamne had often committed adultery & was even preparing to win his lustful patron, Marc Antony, from the aging Cleopatra. After Antony & Cleopatra were defeated at Actium (September 31 BCE), Herod placed Mariamne & her mother, Alexandra, in custody while he went to Rome (30 BCE) to placate the new emperor, Augustus. After his triumphant return, he ordered them executed on charges of infidelity & treason. Mariamne was survived by 2 sons [Alexander & Aristobulus IV] & 2 daughters [Salampsio & Cypros]. Twenty-two years later, Herod had both sons executed for treason, like their mother. They lived long enough, however, to sire Hasmonean grandsons to Herod [Herod Agrippa I, Herod of Calchis & Tigranes of Armenia] who a generation later together governed more territory than Herod or their Hasmonean forebears had controlled.

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