caves where the first scrolls were found across wadi from 
settlement at Qumran 

Dead  Sea Scrolls
Important Texts

Overview of scrolls

Scholars identify a Dead Sea scroll by a technical shorthand indicating the number [by sequence of discovery] of the cave in which it was found, the general area [e.g., Q for wadi Qumran] and either its catalog number or an alphabetic abbreviation of its Hebrew or English conventional title. The more important scrolls for understanding the community that produced them are:

from Qumran CAVE 1 (1Q)

from Qumran CAVE 3 (3Q)

Fragments from Qumran CAVE 4 (4Q)

Fragments from Qumran CAVE 7 (7Q)

Qumran CAVE 11 (11Q)

[Editions used: Lohse, Eduard. Die Texte Aus Qumran. Munich: Kösel-Verlag, 1964.]


Shrine of the Book built at Jerusalem to display Isaiah ms. 
& other materials from Qumran

Timetable of Discovery & Debate

Perspective on the World of Jesus

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