Cleopatra of Jerusalem

fifth wife of Herod
mother of Philip the tetrarch
mother-in-law of Salome II

All that is knowable about this less prominent wife of Herod has to be inferred from the little that Josephus tells. The name by which he identifies her indicates that she was from a family of Hellenized aristocrats native to the capitol of Judea. The fact that Herod named her son the third of his eventual heirs shows that he probably married her after Malthace & that, like the latter, she was not implicated in the intrigues that led him to purge his more prominent wives & their offspring. Since Philip was old enough when his father died (4 BCE) for Augustus to entrust him with the administration of a sizeable segment of his father's domain, Herod most likely married Cleopatra not later than 22 BCE. Cleopatra also had another son named after his father,* who was not a beneficiary of his father's will. What became of both him & his mother remains a mystery.

References: Josephus, Antiquities 17.19
                   _____, War 1.562.

*NOTE: Josephus names Cleopatra's son Herod before Philip in his list of the king's wives & their offspring. Given the time-honored custom of primogeniture this may indicate that he was the older. But Josephus' list is not a legal document like a will, so he may have recalled Philip's brother's name first just because it was the same as his father's. The fact that Philip's brother was not included in his father's will could indicate that he was still a minor in 4 BCE. If he was older than Philip, it unclear why Josephus stresses that only Philip benefitted from an education in Rome, unless his brother Herod had died as a child.

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