Cleopatra II Philometor  [ca. 185 - 115 BCE]

Daughter of Ptolemy V & Cleopatra I
Sister-consort of both Ptolemy VI & Ptolemy VIII

As co-ruler of Egypt from an early age (170 BCE), Cleopatra played a pivotal role in the long running feud between her brothers. As the loyal wife of her older brother (by whom she had 4 children), she negotiated his return to Egypt (164 BCE) after he had been exiled by their younger sibling. Widowed at about age 40 (145 BCE), she was married to her younger brother (Ptolemy VIII) who murdered her son (Ptolemy VII) & married her daughter (Cleopatra III). After years of feuding with her 2nd husband, Cleopatra drove him into exile, leaving her as sole ruler of Egypt for three years (130-127 BCE).  When he returned to Alexandria (127 BCE), she fled to Syria where she was protected by her son-in-law, Demetrius II.  Three years later she was restored as dowager queen of Egypt.  After Ptolemy VIII died (116 BCE), she remained as co-ruler of Egypt with her daughter (Cleopatra III) & grandson (Ptolemy IX).

Jews recall her & her first husband as benefactors during the Maccabean revolt for supporting the construction of a temple to Yahweh at Leontopolis [Tell el Yehudieh] in the Nile delta when the young Seleucid emperor, Antiochus V Eupator, took control of the temple in Jerusalem & installed a radical Hellenist as high priest (164 BCE).

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