Marcus Tullius Cicero the younger [65 - ? BCE]

The only son & namesake of the famous Roman orator & statesman was studying philosophy in Athens when civil war broke out in Rome (44 BCE). When his father was killed in Marc Antony's purge of senatorial supporters of the assassins of Julius Caesar (43 BCE), Brutus recruited him & gave him a military command to help secure control of Greece. After Brutus' death at Philippi (42 BCE), Cicero Jr. allied himself with Octavian in his feud with Antony.  He was serving as Octavian's co-consul the year that Antony committed suicide after his defeat at Actium (30 BCE). In small consolation for his father's murder, the younger Cicero announced Antony's suicide to the Senate & personally issued the decrees revoking all his honors & the removal of his statues. To solidify Octavian's dominion over territory formerly controlled by Antony, Cicero was made the new emperor's second legate to Syria (28 BCE).

References: Plutarch, Parallel Lives: Cicero 45, 49.

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