Antiochus IX Cyzicenus  [ca. 135 - 95 BCE; executed]

Son of Antiochus VII & Cleopatra Thea who challenged his half-brother, Antiochus VIII, after his mother's death (ca. 118 BCE) His persistence was rewarded by a treaty (116 BCE) that granted his right to rule half the Seleucid kingdom.  The partition did not end the rivalry between the half-brothers, however, & the lingering feud allowed Johanan Hyrcanus to declare Judean independence & conquer Samaria & Idumea.  Within a year of his brother's death, Antiochus was captured & executed by his nephew Seleucus VI, leading to open civil war among the children of the sibling rivals.

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Silver tetradrachma with profile of a bearded Antiochus IX on the face & the standing figure of Athena holding a spear in one hand & winged Victory in the other.  The inscriptions reads: Basileos Antiochou Philopatoros ["of King Antiochus, who favors his father"].

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