Antiochus X Eusebes  [ca. 115 - 88 BCE; slain]

The son of Antiochus IX defeated & killed his cousin, Seleucus VI (94 BCE), who had executed his father & seized the Seleucid throne the previous year.  To secure his reign, Antiochus married his father's widow, the Egyptian princess Cleopatra Selene.  But he still had to deal with a long string of challenges posed by Seleucus' younger brothers.  While he easily defeated Antiochus XI (92 BCE), he lost western Syria to Philip I and Damascus to Demetrius III. He died in battle with the Parthians who had overrun his eastern provinces.

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Silver tetradrachma minted early in Antiochus X's tumultuous reign has the profile of the young king on the face & enthroned image of Zeus with scepter & winged Victory on the back.  The inscription reads: [B]asileos Antiochou Eusebos [Ph]ilopatoros ["of King Antiochus the Pious who favors his father"].

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