Agrippina [the elder]  [14 BCE - 33 CE]

Given name: Julia Vipsania Agrippina

granddaughter of Augustus,
daughter of Marcus Agrippa,
mother of Caligula &
grandmother of Nero.

Involved in power struggle with Sejanus (23 CE).
Exiled by Tiberius (29
CE). Starved to death.

References: Tacitus, Annals 1.33, 40-44; 2.43, 54; 3.1, 17-18; 4.12, 39-40, 53-54;
                   Suetonius, Life of Tiberius 7, 53; Caligula 7-8.

Other online resources:

  • Agrippina Maior - image of bust in Barbara McManus' Rome: Republic to Empire (College of New Rochelle).


Roman silver denarius bearing Agrippina's image, minted 37 CE, the year of her son's accession as emperor & four years after her own death. The Latin inscription reads (counter-clockwise from under her chin): Agrippina Mat(er) G. Caesar Aug. Germ. ["Agrippina, mother of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus"]. Caligula's own image is on the other side of this two-faced coin.

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