Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


Matt 17 Mark 9 Luke 9
1 And after six days  2  And after six days 28 Now about eight days
          after these sayings
  Jesus took with him   Jesus took with him   he took with him
  Peter and James*   Peter and James*   Peter
  and John his brother,   and John   and John and James,*
  and led them   and led them   and went
  up a high mountain   up a high mountain   up on the mountain
  apart.   apart by themselves;   to pray.
        29 And as he was praying,
          the appearance of
2 And he was transfigured   and he was transfigured   his countenance was altered,
  before them,   before them,    
  and his face shone        
  like the sun,        
  and his garments 3 and his garments   and his raiment
  became   became glistening,   became dazzling
  white   intensely white,   white.
  as light.   as no fuller on earth    
      could bleach them.    
3 And behold, 4 And 30 And behold,
          two men talked with him,*
  there appeared* to them   there appeared* to them    
  Moses and Elijah,*   Elijah with Moses;*   Moses and Elijah,*
          who appeared* in glory
  talking   and they were talking   and spoke
  with him.*   to Jesus.    
          of his departure,
          which he was to accomplish
          at Jerusalem.
        31 Now Peter
          and those who were with him
          were heavy with sleep,
          and when they wakened
          they saw his glory
          and the two men
          who stood with him
        33 And as the men were parting
          from him,
4 And <responding> 5 And <responding>    
  Peter said to Jesus,   Peter <says> to Jesus,   Peter said to Jesus,
  "Lord,   "<Rabbi,>,   "Master,
  it is well   it is well   it is well
  that we are here;   that we are here;   that we are here;
  if you wish,   let us    let us 
  I will make three booths   make three booths,   make three booths,
  one for you   one for you   one for you
  and one for Moses   and one for Moses   and one for Moses
  and one for Elijah."   and one for Elijah."   and one for Elijah" --
    6 For he did not know   not knowing
      what to say,   what he said.
      for they were  

 [see Luke 9:34 below]

      exceedingly afraid.*    
5 He was still speaking,     34 As he said this,
  when lo, a bright cloud 7 And a cloud   a cloud came
  overshadowed them,   overshadowed them,   and overshadowed them,
          and they were afraid*
          as they entered the cloud.
  and a voice   and a voice came 35 And a voice came
  from the cloud   out of the cloud,   out of the cloud,
  said,       saying,
  "This is my beloved Son,   "This is my beloved Son,   "This is my Son, my Chosen;
  with whom        
  I am well pleased;        
  listen to him."   listen to him."   listen to him!"
6 When     36 And when
  the disciples heard this,       the voice had spoken,
  they fell on their faces,        
  and were filled with awe.        
7 But Jesus came        
  and touched them,        
  "Rise, and have no fear."        
8 And when 8 And suddenly    
  they lifted up their eyes,   looking around    
  they saw   they no longer saw    
  no one   any one with them    
  but Jesus only.   but Jesus only.   Jesus was found alone.
          And they kept silence
          and told no one
          in those days
          of what they had seen.

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel elements in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order
 <says>  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
 151   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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