Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  




Matt 14  Mark 6    Luke  
22 Then  45  Immediately  
  he made the disciples   he made his disciples  
  get into the boat   get into the boat  
  and go before him   and go before him  
  to the other side,   to the other side,  
      to Bethsaida,  
  while he dismissed the crowds.   while he dismissed the crowd.  
23 And after he had 46 And after he had  
  dismissed the crowds,   taken leave of them,  
  he went up on the mountain   he went up on the mountain  
  by himself to pray.   to pray.  
  When evening came, 47 And when evening came,  
      the boat was* out on the sea,  
  he was there alone,   and he was alone  
      on the land.  
24 but the boat*      
  by this time      
  was* many furlongs distant      
  from the land,      
    48 And he saw that  
      they were making headway  
  beaten by the waves;   painfully,  
  for the wind was against them.   for the wind was against them.  
25 And in the fourth watch   And about the fourth watch  
  of the night   of the night  
  he came to them,   he came to them,  
  walking on the sea.   walking on the sea.  
      He meant to pass by them,  
26 But when the disciples saw him 49 but when they saw him  
  walking on the sea,   walking on the sea  
  they were terrified,*      
  saying, "It is a ghost!"   they thought it was a ghost,  
  And they cried out for fear.   and cried out;  
    50 for they all saw him,  
      and were terrified.*  
27 But immediately   But immediately  
  he spoke to them,   he spoke to them  
  saying,   and said,  
  "Take heart, it is I;   "Take heart, it is I;  
  have no fear."   have no fear."  

[see Matt 14:32 below]  

51 And he got into the boat*  
      with them  
      and the wind ceased.*  
      And they were utterly astounded,  
    52 for they did not understand  
      about the loaves,  
      but their hearts were hardened.  


Color Code
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel elements in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
 134   Sequence in synoptic outlines
  prior pericope    context     next in Matt     next in Mark  

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