Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  




Matt 14  Mark 6    Luke  
34 And when they had crossed over,  53  And when they had crossed over,  
  they came to land at Gennesaret.   they came to land at Gennesaret,  
      and moored to the shore.  
35 And when 54 And when  
      they got out of the boat,  
  the men of that place   [the people]  
  recognized him,   recognized him,  
  they sent round 55 and ran about  
  to all that region   the whole neighborhood  
  and brought to him   and began to bring  
  all that were sick,   sick people  
      on their pallets  
      to any place where  
      they heard he was.  
    56 And wherever he came,  
      in villages, cities, or country,  
      they laid the sick  
      in the market places,  
36 and besought him   and besought him  
  that they might only touch   that they might touch  
  the fringe of his garment;   even the fringe of his garment;  
  and as many as touched [it]   and as many as touched it  
  were made well.   <got> well.  

Color Code
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel elements in this gospel.
[it]  RSV word not in Greek
 <got>  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
 135   Sequence in synoptic outlines
  prior in Matt    prior in Mark     context     next pericope  

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