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  Greek synopsis  


 130  Matt 14  130  Mark 6    Luke    
3 For Herod had 17 For Herod had sent  
  seized John   and seized John,  
  and bound him   and bound him  
  and put him in prison,   in prison  
  for the sake of Herodias,   for the sake of Herodias,  
  his brother Philip's wife;   his brother Philip's wife;  
4 because   because he had married her.  
  John said to him, 18 For John said to Herod,  
  "It is not lawful   "It is not lawful  
  for you to have her."   for you to have your brother's wife."  
    19 And Herodias had a grudge  
      against him,  
5 And though he wanted   and wanted  
  to put him to death,   to kill him.  
      But she could not,  
  he feared the people, 20 for Herod feared John,  
  because they held him   knowing that he was a righteous  
  to be a prophet.   and holy man,  
      and kept him safe.  
      When he heard him,  
      he was much perplexed;  
      and yet he heard him gladly.  
6 But 21 But an opportunity came  
  when Herod's birthday came,   when Herod on his birthday  
      gave a banquet  
      for his courtiers and officers  
      and the leading men of Galilee.  
    22 For  
  the daughter of Herodias   when Herodias' daughter came in  
  danced   and danced,  
  before the company,      
  and pleased Herod,   she pleased Herod and his guests;  
7 so that he promised   and the king said to the girl,  
      "Ask me for whatever you wish,  
      and I will grant it."  
  with an oath 23 And he vowed to her,  
      "Whatever you ask me,  
  to give her   I will give you,  
  whatever she might ask.   even half of my kingdom."  
    24 And she went out,  
8 Prompted by her mother,   and said to her mother,  
      "What shall I ask?"  
      And she said,  
      "The head of John the baptizer."  
    25 And she came in immediately  
      with haste to the king,  
      and asked,  
  she said,   saying,  
  "Give me   "I want you to give me at once  
  the head of John the Baptist   the head of John the Baptist  
  here on a platter."   on a platter."  
9 And the king was sorry; 26 And the king was exceedingly sorry;  
  but because of his oaths   but because of his oaths  
  and his guests   and his guests  
      he did not want  
      to break his word to her.  
  he commanded it to be given;      
    27 And immediately  
10 he sent   the king sent a soldier of the guard  
      and gave orders to bring his head.  
  and had John beheaded   He went and beheaded him  
  in the prison,   in the prison,  
11 and his head was brought 28 and brought his head  
  on a platter   on a platter,  
  and given to the girl,   and gave it to the girl;  
  and she brought it to her mother.   and the girl gave it to her mother.  
12 And his disciples 29 When his disciples heard of it,  
  came   they came  
  and took the body   and took his body,  
  and buried it;   and laid it in a tomb.  
  and they went and told Jesus.      

*Note: compare Mark 6:23 with Esther 7:2
where a king's vow also precipitates the execution of the queen's adversary:

Esther 7
 1  So the king and Haman went in to feast with Queen Esther.
2 And on the second day, as they were drinking wine,
  the king again said to Esther, 
  "What is your petition, Queen Esther?
  It shall be granted you.
  And what is your request? 
  Even to the half of my kingdom, it shall be fulfilled."


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