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  Greek synopsis  


 133  FEEDING 5000
  Matt 14 Mark 6 Luke 9
         12  Now the day began 
15 When it was evening,  35  And when it grew late,   to wear away;
  the disciples came to him   his disciples came to him   and the twelve came
  <saying>,   and said,   and said to him,
  "This is a lonely place,*   "This is a lonely place,*    
  and the day is now over;   and the hour is now late;    
  send the crowds away 36 send them away,   "Send the crowd away,
  to go into the   to go into the country*   to go into the villages*
  villages   and villages* round about   and country* round about,
          to lodge
  and buy   and buy themselves   and get
  food for themselves."   something to eat."   provisions;
          for we are here
          in a lonely place."*
16 Jesus said, 37 But he answered them, 13 But he said to them,
  "They need not go away;        
  you give them   "You give them   "You give them
  something to eat."   something to eat."   something to eat."
17 They <say> to him,   And they <say> to him,   They said
      "Shall we go and buy*    [see below]
      two hundred denarii    
      worth of bread,    
      and give it to them    
      to eat?"    
    38 And he <says> to them,    
      "How many loaves    
      have* you?    
      Go and see."    
      And when    
      they had found out,    
      they <say>    
  "We have* only       "We have* no more than
  five loaves here   "Five,   five loaves
  and two fish."   and two fish."   and two fish --
      [see Mark 6:37 above]     unless we are to go*
          and buy* food
          for all these people."
  [see Matt 14:21 below]     [see Mark 6:44 below]   14 For there were about.*
          five thousand men.*
18 And he said,       And he said to his disciples,
  "Bring them here to me."        
19 Then 39 Then    
  he ordered the crowds   he commanded them all    
  to sit down   to sit down   "Make them sit down
      by parties   in companies,
          about fifty* each."
  on the grass;   upon the green grass.    
        15 And they did so,
    40 So they sat down   and made them all sit down.
      in groups,    
      by hundreds    
      and by fifties.*    
  and taking 41 And taking 16 And taking
  the five loaves   the five loaves   the five loaves
  and the two fish   and the two fish   and the two fish
  he looked up to heaven,   he looked up to heaven,   he looked up to heaven,
  and blessed,   and blessed,   and blessed
  and broke   and broke the loaves,*   and broke them,
  and gave the loaves*   and gave them   and gave them
  to the disciples,   to the disciples   to the disciples
  and the disciples        
  gave them   to set   to set
  to the crowds.   before the people;   before the crowd.
      and he divided    
      the two fish    
      among them all.    
20 And they all ate 42 And they all ate 17 And all ate
  and were satisfied.   and were satisfied.   and were satisfied.
  And they took up 43 And they took up   And they took up
          what was left over,*
  twelve baskets full   twelve baskets full   twelve baskets
  of the broken pieces   of the broken pieces   of the broken pieces.
  left over.*        
      and of the fish.    
21 And those who ate 44 And those who ate    
  were about*   the loaves were*    [see Luke 9:14 above]
  five thousand men,*   five thousand men.*    
  besides women        
  and children.        

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel elements in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order
 <say>  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
 133   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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