Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


 142  Matt 16  142  Mark 8  194  Luke 12
        1 In the meantime,
5 When the disciples 14 Now   when so many thousands
          of the multitude
          had gathered together
          that they trod
  reached the other side,       upon one another,
  they had forgotten   they had forgotten    
  to bring any bread.   to bring bread;    
      and they had only one loaf    
      with them    
      in the boat.    
6 Jesus said to them, 15 And he cautioned them,   he began
      saying,   to say
          to his disciples first,
  "Take heed   "Take heed,    
  and beware of the leaven   beware of the leaven   "Beware of the leaven
  of the Pharisees   of the Pharisees   of the Pharisees,
  and Sadducees."   and the leaven of Herod."    
          which is hypocrisy."
7 And they discussed it 16 And they discussed it    
  among themselves,   with one another,    
  saying,   saying,    
  "We brought no bread."   "We have no bread."    
8 But Jesus,        
  aware of this, 17 And being aware of it,    
  said,   Jesus said to them,    
  "O men of little faith,        
  why do you discuss   "Why do you discuss    
  among yourselves        
  the fact   the fact    
  that you have no bread?   that you have no bread?    
9 Do you not yet perceive?   Do you not yet perceive    
      or understand?    
      Are your hearts hardened?    
    18 Having eyes    
      do you not see,    
      and having ears    
      do you not hear?    
  Do you not remember   And do you not remember?    
  the five loaves 19 When I broke the five loaves    
  of the five thousand,   for the five thousand,    
  and how many baskets   how many baskets    
      full of broken pieces    
  you gathered?   did you take up?"    
      They said to him,    
10 Or the seven loaves 20 "And the seven    
  of the four thousand,   for the four thousand,    
  and how many baskets   how many baskets    
      full of broken pieces    
  you gathered?   did you take up?"    
      And they said to him,    
    21 And he said to them,    
11 How is it that you fail   "Do you not yet    
  to perceive   understand?"    
  that I did not speak        
  about bread?        
  Beware of the leaven        
  of the Pharisees        
  and Sadducees."        
12 Then they understood        
  that he did not tell them        
  to beware of the leaven        
  of bread,        
  but of the teaching        
  of the Pharisees        
  and Sadducees.        

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   No parallel elements in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
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