Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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S46 Matt 6   Mark   200 Luke 12 Thom 76
      33 "Sell your possessions,    
        and give alms;    
        provide yourselves    
        with purses    
        that do not grow old,    
19 "Do not lay up for yourselves          
  treasures on earth,          
  where moth          
  and rust consume          
  and where thieves          
  break in and steal,          
20 but lay up for yourselves        3* "So also with you
  treasures in heaven,     with a treasure in the heavens   seek his treasure
            that is unfailing
            and enduring
        where no thief approaches    
  where neither moth      and no moth   where no moth comes
  nor rust consume         to consume
  and where thieves         and no worm
  do not break in and steal.     destroys."   destroys."
21 For where your treasure is,          
  there will your heart be also."          

*Note: This aphorism is presented as an appendix to the parable of the pearl  
in the gospel of Thomas. 

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 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel saying in this gospel
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