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  Greek synopsis  


Matt 127 Mark 6 127 Luke 9
  8 He charged them 3 And he said to them,

[see Matt 10:10 below]

to take nothing   "Take nothing
    for their journey   for your journey,
    except a staff;   no staff,
    no bread,*   nor bag,*
    no bag,*   nor bread,*
    no <coins> in their belts;   nor money;
  9 but to wear sandals    
    and not put on   and do not have
    two tunics.*   two tunics.*
  10 And he said to them,    
    "Where 4 And whatever

[see Matt 10:11 below]

  you enter a house,*   house you enter,*
    stay there   stay there,
    until you leave the place.   and from there depart.

[see Matt 10:14 below]

11 And if any place 5 And wherever
    will not receive you   they do not receive you,
    and they refuse    
    to hear you,    
    when you leave,   when you leave that town
    shake off the dust   shake off the dust
    that is on your feet   from your feet
    for a testimony   as a testimony
    against them."   against them."
  12 So they 6 And they departed
    went out   and went 
        through the villages,
    and preached   preaching
    that men should repent.   the gospel
  13 And they cast out    
    many demons,    
    and anointed with oil    
    many that were sick .    
    and healed them.   and healing everywhere.
 65  Matt 10 Mark 174 Luke 10
7 "And preach as you go,   3 "Go your way;
  `The kingdom of heaven      
  is at hand.'      

[see Matt 10:16 below]

        I send you out as lambs*
        in the midst of wolves.*
8 Heal the sick,*    

[see Luke 10:9 below]

  raise the dead,      
  cleanse lepers,      
  cast out demons.      
  You received      
  without paying,      
  give without pay.      
9 Take no gold,      
  nor silver,       
  nor copper in your belts,   4 Carry no purse,
10 no bag for your journey,

[see Mark 6:8 above]

  no bag,
  nor two tunics,*      
  nor <footwear>,     no <footwear>;
  nor a staff;      
        and salute no one
        on the road.
  for the laborer deserves*    

[see Luke 10:7c below]

  his food.      
11 And whatever town*      
  or village you enter,*      
  find out who is worthy      
  in it,      
  and stay with him      
  until you depart.      
12 As you enter the house,   5 Whatever house you enter,
  salute it.     first say, 
        `Peace be to this house!'
13 And if the house is worthy,   6 And if a son of peace is there,
  let your peace come     your peace shall rest
  upon it;     upon him;
  but if it is not worthy,     but if not,
  let your peace return     it shall return
  to you.     to you.

[see Matt 10:11 above]

[see Mark 6:10 above]

7 And remain
        in the same house,
        eating and drinking
        what they provide,

[see Matt 10:10e above]

    for the laborer deserves*
        his wages;
        do not go from house
        to house.
      8 Whenever you enter a town*
        and they receive you,
        eat what is set before you;

[see Matt 10:8 above]

  9 heal the sick in it*
        and say to them,

[see Matt 10:7 above]

    `The kingdom of God
        has come near to you.'

[see Mark 6:11 above]

10 But whenever you enter
        a town
14 And if any one     and they
  will not receive you     do not receive you,
  or listen to your words,      
        go into its streets and say,
  shake off the dust   11 `Even the dust  
        of your town
  from your feet     that clings to our feet,
        we wipe off against you;
        nevertheless know this,
        that the kingdom of God
        has come near.'
  as you leave that house.      
  or town      
15 Truly, I say to you,   12 I tell you,
  it shall be more tolerable     it shall be more tolerable
  on the day of judgment     on that day
  for the land of Sodom     for Sodom
  and Gomorrah      
  than for that town.     than for that town.
16 Behold,*      
  I send you out as sheep*    

[see Luke 10:3 above]

  in the midst of wolves;*      
  so be wise as serpents      
  and innocent as doves.      

Color Code
 Red  Four texts use same vocabulary.
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
<coins> RSV wording altered to reflect Greek
 65   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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