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  Greek synopsis  


   The  FEAST 
 274  Matt 22   Mark   216 Luke 14 Thom 64
1 And again    


When one of those     
  Jesus spoke to them     who sat at table with him    
  in parables,      heard this,    
  saying,     he said to him,    
        "Blessed is he     
        who shall eat bread    
2 "The kingdom of heaven     in the kingdom of God!"    
  may be compared  


But he said to him,


Jesus said, 
  to a king     "A man   "A man
  who gave a marriage feast     once gave a great banquet,   was receiving
  for his son,          
        and invited many;    guests. 




and at the time    When he had prepared 
        for the banquet   the dinner
  sent his <slaves>     he sent his <slave>   he sent his slave
  to call those     to say to those    
  who were invited     who had been invited,    to invite the guests. 
  to the marriage feast;          


but they would not come.     'Come;    
4 Again       


The slave went 
  he sent other <slaves>,    

[see Luke 14:18 below]  

  to the first*
  saying,          and said, 
  'Tell those who are invited,         'My master invites you.'
  I made ready my dinner,          
  my oxen and my fat calves            
  are killed,           
  and everything is ready;     for all is now ready.'    
  come to the marriage feast.'          


But they  


But they alike began    
  made light of it     to make excuses.    
        The first*


That one [see Thom 64:2 above]
        said to him,   said,
        'I have bought a field,   'Some merchants
            owe me money;
            they are coming
            to me tonight.
  and went off,     and I must go   I have to go
  one to his farm,     and see it;   and give them instructions. 
        I pray you,   Please
        have me excused.'   excuse me
            from dinner.'


The slave went to another*
            and said to that one,
            'My master has invited you.'


Another* said,


That one said to the slave,
        'I have bought five yoke    'I have bought a house
        of oxen,     
  to his business,     and I go to examine them;   and I have been called away 
            for a day.
        I pray you,    
        have me excused.'   I shall have no time.'


The slave went to another*
            and said to that one,
            'My master invites you.'
      20 And another* said,


That one said to the servant,
        'I have married a wife,   'My friend is to be married,
            and I am to arrange
            the banquet.
        and therefore    
        I cannot come.'    I shall not be able to come.
            Please excuse me
            from dinner.'


The slave went to another
            and said to that one,
            'My master invites you.'


That one said to the slave,
            'I have bought and estate,
            and I am going 
            to collect the rent.
            I shall not be able to come. 
            Please excuse me.'


while the rest          
  seized his <slaves>,           
  treated them shamefully,          
  and killed them.          


So the <slave> came


The slave returned
        and reported this   and said
        to his master.   to his master,
            'Those whom you invited
            to dinner
            have asked to be excused.'


The king     Then the householder 11 The master
  was angry,     in anger    
  and sent his troops,          
  and destroyed          
  those murderers          
  and burned their city.          
8 Then he said to his <slaves>,     said to his <slave>,   said to his slave,
  "The wedding is ready,          
  but those invited       [see Luke 14:24 below]     
  were not worthy.          
  'Go therefore      'Go out quickly   'Go out
  to the thoroughfares,     to the streets*   on the streets*
        and lanes of the city,    
  and invite     and bring in   and bring back
  to the marriage feast          
  as many as you can find.'         [see Luke 14:23 below]    whomever you find
        the poor and maimed     
        and blind and lame.'    
      22 And the <slave> said, 'Sir,    
        what you commanded    
        has been done,    
        and there is still room.'    


And   23 And the master said     
  those <slaves>     to the <slave>,    
  went out into the streets*     'Go out to the highways    
        and hedges,    
  and gathered all     and compel people    
  whom they found,      to come in,    
  both bad and good;          
  so the wedding hall     that my house   to have dinner.'
  was filled with guests.     may be <full>.    


For I tell you,    

[see Matt 22:8 above]  

    none of those men


Buyers and merchants
        who were invited   will not enter
        shall taste my banquet.'"   the places of my Father."

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel
*  Same wording, different order.
 <full>  Wording of RSV revised to reflect Greek.
 216   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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