Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


S49 Matt 6   Mark   199 Luke 12 Thom 36*
       22  And he said  1  Jesus said:
        to his disciples:    
25 "Therefore, I tell you,     "Therefore, I tell you,    
  do not be anxious     do not be anxious   "Do not be anxious
            from morning
            to evening
            and from evening
            to morning
  about your life,     about your life,   [neither about your food]
  what you shall eat     what you shall eat   [what you shall eat]
  nor about your body,     nor about your body,   [nor] about [your clothes]
  what you shall put on.     what you shall put on.   what you shall put on.
  Is not life more than food   23 For life is more than food    
  and the body     and the body    
  more than clothing?     more than clothing.    
26 Look at   24 Consider    
  the birds of the air;     the ravens;    
  they neither sow     they neither sow    
  nor reap     nor reap    
  nor gather     they have neither    
  into barns,     storehouse nor barn,    
  and yet     and yet    
  your heavenly Father     God    
  feeds them.     feeds them.    
  Are you not of more value     Of how much more value   [you are far better]
  than they?     are you than the birds!   [than]
27 And which of you   25 And which of you    
  by being anxious     by being anxious    
  can add one cubit     can add a cubit    
  to his span of life?     to his span of life?    
      26 If you then are not able    
        to do as small a thing    
        as that,    
28 And why are you anxious     why are you anxious    
  about clothing?     about the rest?    
  Consider the lilies   27 Consider the lilies,   [the lilies.]
  of the field          
  how they grow;     how they grow;   [They grow]
  they neither toil     they neither toil   [but neither card]
  nor spin;     nor spin;   [nor spin.]
29 yet, I tell you,     yet, I tell you,    
  even Solomon     even Solomon    
  in all his glory     in all his glory    
  was not arrayed     was not arrayed    
  like on of these.     like on of these.    
30 But if God so clothes   28 But if God so clothes    
  the grass of the field     the grass which is alive    
  which is alive today     inthe field today    
  and tomorrow is thrown     and tomorrow is thrown    
  into the oven,     into the oven,    
  will he not much more     how much more will he    
  clothe you,     clothe you,    
  O men of little faith?     O men of little faith!    
31 Therefore,   29 And   [And you,]

[see Matt 6:27 above]


[see Luke 12:25 above]

  [who will add]
            [to your span of life?]
  do not be anxious     do not seek    
  'What shall we eat?'     what you are to eat    
  or 'What shall we drink?'     and what you are to drink,    
  or 'What shall we wear?'     nor be anxious of mind.    
32 For the Gentiles   30 For all the nations    
        of the world    
  seek all these things;     seek these things;    
  and your heavenly Father     and your Father    
  knows that you need them.     knows that you need them.    
  But seek first his kingdom   31 Instead seek his kingdom,    
  and his righteousness          
  and all these things     and these things   [He will give you
  shall be yours as well."     shall be yours as well."   your clothing.]

*Note: This is an independent aphorism in the gospel of Thomas.  Words in brackets are from an early Greek papyrus fragment [pOxy 655] but are missing from the text of  the full Coptic gospel.

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