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  Greek synopsis  


344 Matt 26 344 Mark 14 337 Luke 22
69 Now Peter was sitting 66 And as Peter was below    
  outside in the courtyard.   in the courtyard,    
  And a maid came up to him,   one of the maids 56 Then a maid,
      of the high priest <comes>;    
    67 and seeing Peter   seeing him
      warming himself,    as he sat in the light
      she looked at him,   and gazing at him,
  <saying>,   and <says>     said,
  "You also were   "You also were   "This man also was
  with Jesus the Galilean."   with the Nazarene, Jesus."   with him."
70 But he denied it 68 But he denied it, 57 But he denied it,
  before them all,        
  saying,   saying,   saying,
  "I do not know   "I neither know     "Woman, I do not know
      nor understand   him."
  what you mean."   what you mean."    
71 And when he went out   And he went out 58 And a little later
  to the porch,   into the gateway    
    ** [and a cock crowed].    
  another maid saw him, 69 And the maid saw him,   some one else saw him,
  and she <says>   and began again to say   and said,
  to <those there>   to the bystanders,     
  "This man was with   "This man is one of them."   "You also are one of them."
  Jesus of Nazareth."        
72 And again he denied it 70 But again he denied it.   But Peter said,
  with an oath,        
  "I do not know the man."       "Man, I am not."
73 After a little while   And after a little while again 59 And after an interval
          of about an hour
  the bystanders came up   the bystanders   still another insisted,
  and said to Peter,   <would say> to Peter,   saying,
  "<Truly>   "<Truly>    In truth, 
  you are also one of them,   you are one of them;   this man also was with him;
  for your accent betrays you."   for you are a Galilean."   for he is a Galilean."
74 Then he began to invoke 71 But he began to invoke 60 But Peter
  a curse on himself   a curse on himself    
  and to swear,   and to swear,   said, "Man,
  "I do not know   "I do not know   I do not know
  the man."   this man of whom you speak."   what you are saying."
  And immediately 72 And immediately   And <right away>,
          while he was still speaking,
  the cock crowed.   the cock crowed   the cock crowed.
      a second time.    
        61 And the Lord turned 
          and looked at Peter.
75 And Peter remembered   And Peter remembered   And Peter remembered
          the word of the Lord,
  the saying of Jesus,   how Jesus had said to him,   how he had said to him,
  "Before the cock crows,   "Before the cock crows twice   "Before the cock crows today
  you will deny me three times."   you will deny me three times."   you will deny me three times."
  And he went out   And he broke down 62 And he went out
  and wept bitterly.   and wept.   and wept bitterly.


**Note: Most mss. include this reference to a first cockcrow in Mark 14:68
but it is omitted by a few important 4th c. codices (Sinaiticus, Vaticanus & the Freer Gospels).

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
 <says>  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
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