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John 12

6 Now when Jesus was 3 And while he was    


Six days before Passover
  at Bethany   at Bethany       Jesus came to Bethany,
              where Lazarus was,
              whom Jesus had raised
              from the dead.
         36  One of the Pharisees    
          asked him


          to eat with him,


they made him a supper;
              Martha served,
          and he went    
  in the house   in the house   into the Pharisee's house    
  of Simon the leper,   of Simon the leper,       and Lazarus was one of those
      as he sat at table,   and took his place at table   at table with him.
        37 And behold,    
7 a woman came   a woman came   a woman of the city,


          who was a sinner,    
          when she learned    
          that he was at table*    
          in the Pharisee's house,    
  with an alabaster flask   with an alabaster flask   brought an alabaster flask   took a pound
  of very* expensive ointment   of ointment   of ointment   of costly* ointment
      of pure nard,       of pure nard,
      very* costly,*        
      and she broke the flask        
  and poured it    and poured it        
  over his head.   over his head.        
  as he sat at table.*            
        38 and standing behind him   and anointed*
          at his feet,   the feet of Jesus
          she began    
          to wet his feet*    
          with her tears    
          and wiped them   and wiped his feet*
          with the hair of her head,   with her hair;
          and kissed his feet,    
          and anointed* them   and the house was filled 
          with    with the fragrance of
          the ointment.   the ointment.
8 But when his disciples* 4 But there were some 39 Now when the Pharisee


But Judas Iscariot
          who had invited him   one of his disciples*
              (he who was to betray him),
  saw it,       saw it,    
      who said to themselves   he said to himself,   said,
  they were indignant,   indignantly,        
  "Why   "Why was the ointment    


"Why was  
  this waste?   thus wasted?        
9 For this ointment 5 For this ointment       this ointment
  might have been sold   might have been sold       not sold
  for a large sum,   for more than 300 denarii       for 300 denarii
  and given to the poor."   and given to the poor."       and given to the poor."
      And they reproached her.    


This he said,
          "If this man were a prophet,   not that he cared for the poor
          he would have known   but because he was a thief,
          who and what sort   and as he had the money box
          of woman this is   he used to take
          who touched him,   what was put into it.
          for she is a sinner."    
10 But Jesus, aware of this, 6 But Jesus 40 And Jesus answering


  said to them,   said   said to him,   said,
      "Let her alone;       "Let her alone;
  "Why do you trouble   why do you trouble        
  the woman?   her?        
  For she has done   She has done        
  a beautiful thing to me.   a beautiful thing to me.        

[see Matt 26:12 below]  


[see Mark 14:8 below]  

    Let her keep it
              for the day of my burial.*
11 For you always have 7 For you always have       The poor you always have
  the poor with you,   the poor with you,       with you,
      and whenever you will,        
      you can do good to them;        
  but you will not always   but you will not always       but you do not always
  have me.   have me.       have me."
    8 She has done        
      what she could;        
          I have something    
          to say to you"    
          And he answered,    
          "What is it, Teacher?"    
        41 "A certain creditor ;    
          had two debtors    
          one owed    
          five hundred denarii,    
          and the other fifty.    
        42 When they could not pay,    
          he forgave them both.    
          Now which of them    
          will love him more?    
        43 Simon answered,    
          "The one, I suppose,    
          to whom he forgave more."    
          And he said to him,    
          "You have judged rightly."    
        44 Then turning    
          toward the woman,    
          he said to Simon,    
          "Do you see this woman?"    
          I entered your house,    
          you gave me no water    
          for my feet    
          but she has wet my feet    
          with her tears    
          and wiped them    
          with her hair.    
        45 You gave me no kiss,    
          but from the time I came in    
          she has not ceased    
          to kiss my feet.    
        46 You did not anoint my head    
12 In pouring this ointment*       with oil,    
  on my body*            
  she has done it she has anointed   but she has anointed    
      my body*   my feet    
          with ointment. *    
  to prepare me   beforehand        
  for burial.*   for burying        
13 Truly, I say to you, 9 And truly, I say to you,        
  wherever   wherever        
  this gospel is preached   the gospel is preached        
  in the whole world,   in the whole world,        
  what she has done   what she has done        
  will be told   will be told        
  in memory of her."   in memory of her."        
        47 Therefore, I tell you,    
          her sins, which are many,    
          are forgiven,    
          for she loved much;    
          but he who is forgiven little,    
          loves little."    
        48 And he said to her,    
          "Your sins are forgiven."    
        49 Then those    
          who were at table    
          with him began to say,    
          "Who is this,     
          who even forgives sins?"    
        50 And he said to the woman,    
          "Your faith has saved you;    
          go in peace."    

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   No parallel text in this gospel.
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