Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


 38  Matt 8  28  Mark 1  28  Luke 4
16 That evening 32 That evening, 40 Now
      at sun down,   when the sun was setting,
  they <approached him with>   they brought to him* all   all those who had any
  many [who were]   who were sick   that were <afflicted>

[see Mark 1:34 below]

  with various diseases *
          <led> them to him;*
  possessed with demons;   or possessed with demons.    
    33 And the whole city    
      was gathered together    
      about the door.    
  and he cast out* the spirits       and he laid his hands
  with a word,       on every one of them
  and healed all


And he healed many   and healed them.
  who were sick.   who were sick    
      with various diseases, *  

[see Luke 4:40 above]



And demons * also
      cast out* many demons;*   came out of many,
          "You are the Son of God!"
          But he rebuked them,
      and he would not permit   and would not allow
      the demons to speak,   them to speak,
      because they knew   because they knew
      him.   that he was the Christ.
17 This was to fulfill        
  what was spoken        
  by the prophet Isaiah,        
  "He took our infirmities        
  and bore our diseases."        

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
[the] RSV wording; not in Greek text.
<led> RSV wording altered to reflect Greek
 28   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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