Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


 Matt 9 Mark 2 Luke 8
1 And getting into a boat 1 And when he returned  17   <And it happened>
  he crossed over        
  and came to his own city.   to Capernaum    
      after some days,   on one of those days,
      it was reported    
      that he was at home.    
          as he was teaching,
          there were Pharisees
          and teachers of the law
          sitting by,
          who had come
          from every village
          of Galilee and Judea
          and from Jerusalem;
          and the power of the Lord
          was with him to heal.
    2 And many were gathered    
      so that    
      there was no longer room    
      for them,    
      not even about the door;    
      and he was preaching the word    
      to them.    
2 And behold, 3 And they came, 18 And behold,
  they brought to him   bringing to him   men were bringing
  a paralytic,   a paralytic    
  lying on his bed;       on a bed
          a man who was paralyzed,
      carried by four men.    
          and they sought
          to bring him in
          and lay him before Jesus;
    4 And when 19 but finding no way
      they could not get near him   to bring him in,
      because of the crowd,   because of the crowd,
      they removed the roof   they went up on the <house>
      above him;    
      and when    
      they had made an opening,    
      they let down   and let him down
      the pallet   with his bed
      on which the paralytic lay.    
          through the tiles
          into the midst before Jesus.
  and when Jesus saw their faith 5 And when Jesus saw their faith, 20 And when he saw their faith
  he said to the paralytic,   he said to the paralytic,   he said,
  "Take heart, my son;   "My son,   "Man,
  your sins are forgiven."   your sins are forgiven."   your sins are forgiven you."
3 And behold, 6 Now 21 And
  some of the scribes   some of the scribes   the scribes
          and the Pharisees
      were sitting there,    
  said to themselves,   questioning in their hearts,   began to question, saying,
  "This [man] 7 "Why does this [man] speak     "Who is this that speak
  is blaspheming."   <He> is <blaspheming>!   blasphemies?
      Who can forgive sins   Who can forgive sins
      but God alone?"   but God only?"
4 But Jesus, 8 And immediately Jesus, 22 When Jesus
  knowing their thoughts,   perceiving in his spirit   perceived
      that they thus questioned   their questionings,
      within themselves,    
  said,   <says> to them,   he <said in response to> them,
  "Why do you think evil   "Why do you question thus   "Why do you question
  in your hearts?   in your hearts?   in your hearts?
5 For which is easier, 9 Which is easier, 23 Which is easier,
  to say,   to say to the paralytic,   to say,
  `Your sins are forgiven,'   `Your sins are forgiven,'   `Your sins are forgiven you,'
  or to say,   or to say,   or to say,
  `Rise   `Rise,   `Rise
      take up your pallet    
  and walk'?   and walk'?   and walk'?
6 But that you may know 10 But that you may know 24 But that you may know
  that the Son of man has   that the Son of man has   that the Son of man has
  authority on earth   authority on earth   authority on earth
  to forgive sins" --   to forgive sins" --   to forgive sins" --
  he then <says> to the paralytic--   he <says> to the paralytic--   he said to the man
          who was paralyzed--
    11 "I say to you,   "I say to you,
7 "Rise, take up your bed   rise, take up your pallet   rise, take up your bed
  and go home."   and go home."   and go home."
  And he rose 12 And he rose, 25 And immediately* he rose
          before them,
      and immediately*   and
      took up the pallet   took up that
          on which he lay,
  and went home.   and went out before them all;   and went home,
          glorifying God.
8 When the crowds saw it,        
  they were afraid,   so that 26 And
      they were all amazed   amazement seized them all,
  and they glorified God,   and glorified God,   and they glorified God
          and were filled with awe,
  who had given        
  such authority        
  to men.        
      saying,   saying,
      "We never saw   "We have seen
      anything like this!"   strange things today."

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel elements in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
<and> RSV wording altered to reflect Greek
[man] RSV word not in the Greek
 42   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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