Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


  Matt 22   Mark 12  Luke 20
23 The same day 18 And 27 There came
  Sad'ducees came to him,   Sad'ducees <come before> him,   some Sadducees,
  who say that   <those> who say that   who <argue> that
  there is no resurrection;   there is no resurrection; 


there is no resurrection,  


and they asked him     and they asked him


[and] they asked him
  a question,   a question,   a question,


saying,   saying,      saying,


"Teacher,   "Teacher,
  Moses said,     Moses wrote for us that   Moses wrote for us that
  `If a man dies,   if a man's brother dies   if a man's brother dies
      and leaves a wife,   having a wife


having no children,


but leaves no child,   <but he was childless>,
  his brother   the man


the man  
  must marry the widow,   must take the wife   must take the wife
  and raise [up] <offspring>   and raise up <offspring>   and raise up <offspring>
  for his brother.'   for his brother.   for his brother.




  there were seven brothers


There were seven brothers;   there were seven brothers;
  among us;        
  the first married,   the first took a wife,   the first took a wife,
  and <passed away>,   and when he died   and died
  and having no <offspring>   left* no <offspring>;   <childless>;
  left* his wife to his brother.        


So too the second


and the second took her,


and the second
      and died,


      leaving no <offspring>;      
  and third,   and the third likewise;


and the third took her,
  down to the seventh.


and the seven left   and likewise all seven left


    no <offspring>.   no children and died.


After them all,   Last of all   Afterward
  the woman died.   the woman also died.   the woman also died.


In the resurrection, therefore, 


In the resurrection   In the resurrection, therefore,
  to which of the seven        


will she be wife?   whose wife will she be?   whose wife will the woman be?
  For they all had her."        For the seven had her   For the seven had her
      as wife."      as wife."   


But Jesus answered them,


Jesus said to them,  


And Jesus said to them, 
      "Is not this why    
  "You are wrong,   you are wrong,    
  because you know


that you know     


neither the scriptures   neither the scriptures




nor the power of God.    nor the power of God?    
          "The sons of this age marry
          and are given in marriage;


but those
          who are accounted worthy 
          to attain to that age


For in the resurrection


For when they rise


and to the resurrection
      from the dead,   from the dead  
  they neither marry   they neither marry   neither marry
  nor are given in marriage,     nor are given in marriage,     nor are given in marriage,  


for they cannot die any more,


but are like angels in heaven.   but are like angels in heaven.


because they are equal to angels
          and are sons of God,  


And as for the resurrection       being sons of the resurrection.
  of the dead,


And as for the dead


But that the dead
      being raised,   are raised,
  have you not read   have you not read    
  what was said to you


in the book of Moses,     even Moses showed,




in the passage


in the passage
      about the bush,   about the bush,
  by God,   how God said to him,   where he calls the Lord


`I am the God of Abraham,   `I am the God of Abraham, 


the God of Abraham 


and the God of Isaac,   and the God of Isaac,   and the God of Isaac
  and the God of Jacob'?   and the God of Jacob'?    and the God of Jacob.
  He is not God of the dead,


He is not God of the dead,


Now he is not God of the dead,
  but of the living."     but of the living;


but of the living; 
      you are quite wrong."   for all live to him."

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
276  Sequence in synoptic outlines
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