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  Greek synopsis  


Matt 21  Mark 11 Luke 19 John 12


The next day
              a great crowd
              who had come
1 And when


And when         to the feast
        28 <Having> said this,   heard that
  they drew near*   they near*   he went on ahead,   Jesus was coming
  to Jerusalem     to Jerusalem   going up to Jerusalem   to Jerusalem.


So they took
            palm <fronds>
              and went out
              to meet him,

[see Matt 21:9 below]


[see Mark 11:9 below]

      crying, "Hosanna!*

[see Luke 19:38 below]

  Blessed is he who comes*
              in the name of the Lord,*
              even the King* of Israel!"
        29 When he drew near*    
  and came to Beth'phage,   to Beth'phage   to Beth'phage    
      and Bethany,   and Bethany,    
  to the Mount   at  the Mount    at  the mount     
  of Olives,   of Olives,   that is called Olivet,    
  then Jesus sent   he <sends>     he sent  


And Jesus
  two disciples,   two of his disciples,   two of the disciples,    


saying to them,


and <says> to them,  


  "Go into the village   "Go into the village   "Go into the village    
  opposite you,   opposite you,   opposite,    
  and immediately   and immediately   where    
      as you enter   on entering    
  you will find an ass tied,*   you will find   you will find   found a young ass
  and a colt with her;   a colt tied,*   a colt tied,*    
      on which    on which    
      no one has ever sat;   no one has ever yet sat;   and sat upon it;
  untie them   untie it   untie it    
  and bring them to me.   and bring it.   and bring it here.    


If any one says


If any one says


If any one asks    
  anything to you,   to you,   you,    
      `Why are you doing this?'   `Why are you untying it?'    
  you shall say,   say,   you shall say this,    
  `The Lord   `The Lord   `The Lord    
  has need of them,'   has need of it   has need of it.'"    
  and he will send them   and will send it back here        
  immediately."   immediately.'"        


This took place to fulfil           as
  what was spoken           it is written,
  by the prophet, saying,            
  "Tell         15 "Fear not,
  the daughter of Zion,           daughter of Zion;
  Behold, your king           behold, your king
  is coming to you,           is coming,
  and mounted on an ass,           sitting on an ass's
  and on a colt,           colt!"
  the foal of an ass."            


The disciples


And they


So those who were sent    
  went   went away,   went away    
      and found a colt   and found it    
      tied at the door   as he had told them.    
      out in the open street;        
  and did   and they untied it.


And as they were untying    
          the colt,    


      those who stood there   its owners    
      said to them,   said to them,    
      "What are you doing,    "Why are you    
      untying the colt?"   untying the colt?"    


And they told them


And they said,    
  as Jesus had directed   what Jesus had said;   "The Lord has need of it."    
  them;   and they let them go.        


they brought the ass


And they brought


And they brought    
  and the colt,   the colt   it    
      to Jesus,   to Jesus,    
  and put   and threw   and throwing    
  their garments   their garments   their garments    
  on them,   on it;   on the colt    
  and he sat thereon.   and he sat upon it.   they set Jesus upon it.    




And as he rode along,    
  Most of the crowd spread   many spread   they spread    
  their garments   their garments   their garments    
  on the road,   on the road,   on the road.    
  and others   and others spread        
  cut branches   leafy branches        
      which they had cut        
  from the trees   from the fields.        
  and spread them            
  on the road.            






As he was now    
          drawing near,    
          at the descent    
          of the Mount of Olives,    
  the crowds   those   the whole multitude    
  that went before him   who went before        
  and that followed him   and those who followed   of the disciples 16 His disciples
          began to rejoice   did not understand this
          and praise God   at first;
          with a loud voice   but
          for all the mighty works    
          that they had seen,    
  <cried out, saying,> cried out,


  "Hosanna*   "Hosanna!*      

[see John 12:13 above]

  to the Son of David!          
  Blessed is he*   Blessed is he *   "Blessed is the King *    
  who comes *   who comes*   who comes*    
  in the name of the Lord!*   in the name of the Lord!*   in the name of the Lord!*    


Blessed is the kingdom        
      of our father David        
      that is coming!        
  Hosanna   Hosanna   Peace in heaven    
  in the highest!"   in the highest!"   and glory in the highest!"   when Jesus was glorified,


And some of the Pharisees    
          in the multitude    
          said to him,    
          rebuke your disciples."    


He answered,    
          "I tell you,    
          if these were silent,    
          the very stones    
          would cry out."    
              they remembered that
              this had been written
              of him
              and had been done
              to him.

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 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
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 Black  Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel text in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
 <says>  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
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