Titus   [39 - 81 CE]

When Vespasian left Judea in 69 CE to become emperor, he left his oldest son & namesake [Titus Flavianus Vespasianus the younger] to finish the conquest of Jerusalem. After a long siege & campaign that claimed the lives of close to a million Jews & left the temple in ruins (70 CE), Titus returned to Rome (71 CE) to assume command of the Praetorian guard. As Vespasian's most trusted lieutenant Titus became virtually his father's imperial partner, serving as co-consul & sharing in the emperor's public accolades. Yet, he alienated many Romans by keeping a Jewish princess, [Herod Agrippa II's sister, Berenice], as his mistress. Just before his father's death, he had to suppress a conspiracy. But after he became sole emperor he became a popular hero by his liberal use of his own as well as public funds for reconstruction projects after twin disasters, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius (79 CE) & a fire that destroyed much of Rome (80 CE). He celebrated the grand opening of the Colosseum with more than 100 days of public ceremonies.

His brief reign is best known to later history for his graphic commemoration of his victory over the Jews with a triumphal arch that still stands at the entrance to the Roman forum. But he became himself a victim of sibling rivalry. Since he did not give his younger brother, Domitian, the same honors his father had given him, his brother was widely rumored to have hastened his premature death.

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Roman silver denarius minted in 80 CE bearing image of Titus laureate with Latin inscription (reading counter-clockwise from under chin): Imp[erator] T[itus] Caesar Vespasianus Aug[ustus]. For high resolution images of this & more coins of early Roman rulers see Sandy Brenner's vivid numismatic guide: Jerusalem Through Coins. For a catalogue of Titus' coins, see:

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