Tiberius Claudius  Nero  [ ? -33 BCE]

father of Tiberius,
grandfather of Claudius
great-grandfather of Caligula &
great-great-grandfather of Nero.

A descendent of senatorial victors over the Carthaginian forces in the Second Punic war, Tiberius Nero served as fleet commander in Julius Caesar's conquest of Egypt. As a loyal partisan of Marc Antony, he left Rome with his wife & young son, when Octavian took control of Italy (41 BCE). He returned to Rome after the feuding triumvirs declared a truce, only to be forced by Octavian to divorce his pregnant wife Livia & give her to him in marriage just days after the birth of his second son (39 BCE). By mutual agreement the elder Tiberius Nero retained custody of both his children until his own death six years later.

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