Creticus Silanus [imperial legate 13 - 17 CE]

Protegé of Augustus who was purged by Tiberius after he became emperor. Quintus Caecilius Metellus Creticus Silanus served as consul of Rome in 7 CE. His daughter was for a time betrothed to Livia's grandson Germanicus, who by order of Augustus was designated Tiberius' heir after the premature death of Augustus' natural grandson, Gaius. Six years later Augustus appointed Silanus imperial legate to Syria (13 CE), the post held by Gaius when he was killed.  Imperial favor, however, deserted Silanus soon after Augustus' death. As Tiberius & his mother maneuvered to cement imperial power in their own hands, Silanus was replaced by Calpurnius Piso, a crony of the new emperor, & vanished into the unrecorded recesses of history.  

References:  Tacitus, Annals 2.43.

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