Decidius Saxa [ ? - 40 BCE died in battle]

Lucius Decidius Saxa was a Spaniard whom Julius Caesar elevated to the rank of tribune of the Roman people [plebs], much to the dismay of patricians like Cicero. After Caesar's assassination (44 BCE), the new triumvirs sent him & Norbanus Flaccus with eight legions to regain the eastern provinces from Brutus & Cassius.  They blocked the assassins' forces in Macedonia until Marc Antony & Octavian arrived with reinforcements. After the battle of Philippi (42 BCE), Antony left him as governor of Syria when he went to Egypt to join Cleopatra (41 BCE). Within a year, however, he was decisively defeated by republican & Parthian forces led by Cassius' ally, Quintus Labienus & Parthian crown prince, Pacorus.  The rout was so complete that not only was Saxa killed but the Parthians seized the standards of the Roman legions. Saxa's defeat allowed the Parthian conquest to extend to Judea, forcing Herod to flee to Rome & prompting Antony to launch his campaigns against Parthia.

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