Hebrew: Yodefat

Fortified hilltop town in central Galilee 6 miles north of Sepphoris & less than 2 miles from Cana. The fortress is first mentioned in the Assyrian records of Tiglath-Pilesar's conquest of the kingdom of Israel (732 BCE). After Alexander Jannai brought it under Judean control (ca. 100 BCE), Jotapata became the Jewish administrative center for central Galilee. Its fortifications were strengthened by Josephus but it succumbed to Vespasian's siege (67 CE) & Josephus himself became a Roman hostage. Recent excavations by Mordecai Avian revealed the town to be much larger & wealthier than previously imagined. Though just 10 miles from Nazareth, it is not mentioned in any gospel.

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