Germanicus [15 BCE - 19 CE]

Given name: Tiberius Claudius Nero

grandson of Marc Antony,
grandson of Livia
brother of Claudius &
father of Caligula.

Adopted son & designated heir of Tiberius by order of Augustus.
Popular & successful general. Poisoned by wife of Tiberius' ally, Calpurnius Piso.

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Other resources on line:

  • Bust of Germanicus - image in Barbara Mc Manus' Rome: Republic to Empire (College of New Rochelle).

Bronze coin issued by Claudius in 42 CE presents his dead brother (rather than his uncle Tiberius) as Augustus' original intended heir. The inscription reads: Germanicus Caesar Ti Aug F Divi Aug N ("Germanicus Caesar Tiberius Augustus, son of the divine Augustus"). For high resolution images of this & other coins honoring Germanicus see Joseph Sermarini's excellent numismatic website Forum Ancient Coins.

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