Porcius  Festus  [ruled 60-62 CE]

Not much is known about the 11th Roman prefect of Judea other than that he had a short tenure. He was sent by Nero to replace Antonius Felix (ca. 60 CE) & moved quickly to crush the Jewish bands of sicarii  who hoped to win freedom through political assassinations. He also supported Agrippa II in a dispute with the temple priests. Luke claims he arranged Paul's audience with Agrippa [Acts 25]; but the Lukan chronology cannot be coordinated with events mentioned by Josephus

Festus' sudden death (62 CE) left Judea temporarily without a Roman governor. In the interim before the arrival of his successor, Lucceius Albinus, the Sadducean high priest [Hanan II] arranged the execution of Jesus' brother James along with others on charges of Torah violations.

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