Cuspius  Fadus  [ruled 44-46? CE]

Roman cavalry officer sent by Claudius to govern Palestine & surrounding regions after the death of king Agrippa I. He was the first Roman military prefect with authority over Galilee in addition to Judea & SamariaJosephus describes him as efficient in suppressing bandits in Jewish territory, without giving details. But Fadus' swift cavalry attack to stop a mob of Jews led to the Jordan by the folk prophet, Theudas, illustrates his lack of tolerance for any potential disturbance. Though Josephus distinguishes this group from armed bandits, Fadus did not. Theudas was beheaded & many of his followers slain. 

References: Josephus. Antiquities 19.363-364; 20.2-13, 97-100; 
                  _____, War

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