Aramaic: Sefer Hanokh 

A composite apocalypse credited to the legendary antediluvian scribe, who was one of only two humans in Hebrew scripture who was reported to have returned to God without dying [Gen 5:24]. The sections of the book of Enoch were written between the 3rd c. BCE & the end of the 1st c. CE. Its astronomical section champions a solar calendar. Since fragments of all segments except the Parables of Enoch [ch. 37-71] have been found at Qumran in both Aramaic and Greek, scholars continue to debate whether this section was a later Jewish or early Christian insertion.

Other resources on line:

  • The Similitudes of Enoch - Summary of James Davila's 2007 lecture arguing that ch. 37-71 of I Enoch are the work of a 1st c. CE Jewish author (St. Andrews U).

  • Enoch -- image & translation of Aramaic fragment 4Q201 found at Qumran (from on-line exhibit of Dead Sea Scrolls posted by Library of Congress).

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