Drusilla  [died 79 CE]

Great-granddaughter of Herod. Her father, Agrippa I, named her for the sister of his imperial patron, Caligula. A noted beauty, the sister of Agrippa II mimicked her aunt [Herodias] by divorcing her first husband [Azizus, king of Emesa in Syria, who had converted to Judaism for her sake] to marry (54 CE) a more powerful official [Antonius Felix]. Luke claims she accompanied her husband to interview the apostle Paul when he was imprisoned in the Praetorium at Caesarea.  

As a Roman officer's wife, Drusilla abandoned Judaism. After Felix was relieved as Roman procurator of Judea (60 CE), she returned with him & their son, Agrippa, to Italy where they perished in the great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius (79 CE).

References: Josephus, Antiquities 18.132, 19.354-355, 20.141.
                  Acts 24:24

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