Quintus  Didius [proconsul 30 - 29 BCE]

The last governor of Syria appointed by Marc Antony (30 BCE) played a small but pivotal role in the political history of the Near East.  By abandoning his patron after Antony's defeat at Actium, he convinced other rulers to follow suit.  To demonstrate his support for Octavian, Didius blocked an army of gladiators headed to Egypt to reinforce Antony. The gladiators turned back without a fight when Herod sent word forbidding them to pass through his territory. Didius' report of Herod's support in this incident convinced Octavian to receive Herod as a reliable ally despite his previous support of Antony.  Without Didius' lead, it would have been harder for Herod to change his allegiance.  And even if he did, without Didius' commendation Herod may not have retained his throne or established a dynasty.

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