Ventidius Cumanus  [governed 48-52 CE]

3rd Roman prefect to govern all Palestine. Publius Ventidius Cumanus was a cavalry officer whose disdain for Jews was exceeded only by his lack of restraint in retaliating for any outburst against Roman authority. One Passover thousands of Jews were trampled trying to escape Roman troops that Cumanus sent through the streets of Jerusalem in response to Jewish outrage at an obscene gesture by a Roman soldier stationed at the temple. When a Jewish mob attacked a tax-collector, Cumanus raided Jewish villages. When Galilean Jews plundered the villages of Samaritans in retaliation for the murder of Galilean pilgrims, Cumanus sent troops to slaughter Jews. The escalation of violence, charges & counter-charges from these incidents led Quadratus, the governor of Syria, to send all principals (including Cumanus) to the emperor Claudius at Rome.  Agrippa II's intervention on behalf of the Jews, however, eventually persuaded Claudius to remove Cumanus, grant Agrippa control of eastern Galilee, & send one of his own retinue (Antonius Felix) to govern Judea & Samaria. 

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