view northeast from Bethlehem 
with Herodium (center horizon) & Judean wilderness in distance

Bethlehem [Ephratha]

Hebrew: "House of bread"

A Judean town 6 miles southwest of Jerusalem on the main route to Hebron & Egypt that in ancient times was a fortified outpost. It was the reputed burial site of Jacob's wife Rachel & later the hometown of David. The town lost strategic importance during the Hellenistic era (4th c. BCE), but retained symbolic significance for Jews because of a prophecy of Micah predicting that another great king would come from Bethlehem. This prophecy figured in the formation of the birth stories of Jesus.

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Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem with waist-high entrance (center)

daily bread at Bethlehem

For further recent information about archaeological & historical evidence, see:

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