Aristobulus I  [died 103 BCE]

Given Hebrew name: Jehudah (Judah; Greek: Judas)

Fifth Hasmonean priest to rule Judea & first to claim the title of "king" [basileus].  The eldest son of Johanan Hyrcanus was a ruthless warrior, who imprisoned his own kin to prevent rivals. He extended Jerusalem's control further north than since 950 BCE. He conquered Syrian strongholds at Samaria & Scythopolis. After his father's death, he wrested control of Galilee from the Itureans [Lebanese] & forced the inhabitants to accept "the laws of the Judeans." His brief turbulent reign was terminated by his death from some painful disease. He was succeeded by his brother, Alexander Jannai.

References: Josephus, Antiquities 13.276-277, 301-323.
                   _____, War 1.64-85.

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The Hebrew inscription on this bronze putah shows that Aristobulus, despite his Hellenistic inclinations & autocratic royal pretensions, was astute enough to preserve the formalities of traditional Jewish politics.  It reads: "Judah the high priest and the council of the Jews."  For high resolution images of this and other coins of Judah Aristobulus I see  Joseph Sermarini's Forum Ancient Coins website.

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