Lucceius Albinus  [62-64 CE; assassinated 69 CE]

12th Roman prefect of Judea, sent by Nero to replace Porcius Festus whose death left Judea & Samaria without a governor for several months (62 CE).  Before Albinus arrived, the Sanhedrin executed several Jewish Christians, including Jesus' brother James, on charges of Torah violations. This led to friction between the new governor & the temple leadership. 

Once in office Albinus crushed armed Jewish bands of sicarii.  But he was more lenient than prior governors in dealing with other Jewish dissidents. He freed many prisoners whom he did not sentence to death, including a folk prophet named Yeshu (Jesus) who warned of impending disaster for the temple & Jerusalem.  Josephus credits Albinus' clemency to greed. He was easily bribed by bandits, allowing them to go free for a share of their spoils. 

Before the outbreak of the Jewish revolt, Nero transferred Albinus to be governor of Mauretania.  In the political chaos following Nero's suicide (68 CE) Albinus supported Otho for emperor.  After Otho's death, he briefly styled himself "king" of Mauretania until he too fell victim to an assassin.

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