Agrippina [the younger]  [15  - 59 CE]

Given name: Julia Agrippina

great-granddaughter of both Augustus & Marc Antony,
sister of Caligula,
mother of Nero &
last wife of Claudius (whom she reportedly poisoned).

Eliminated heirs of Claudius.
Murdered by Nero for opposing his affair with Poppea.

References: Josephus, Antiquities 20.148-152.
                  Tacitus, Annals 12.2-7,22-27,37,41-42,56-59,64-69; 14.1-13.
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Other online resources:

  • Agrippina Minor (ca. 60 CE) - image of bust in Barbara McManus' Rome: Republic to Empire (College of New Rochelle).

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