Damascus Covenant  [CD]

Many fragments found in Caves 4, 5 & 6 at Qumran [4Q266-271, 5QD, 6QD] were identified as belonging to a text that was first discovered in the genizah of the old Cairo synagogue in 1896 & published by Solomon Schechter [Cambridge] as Fragments of a Zadokite work. The name Damascus Covenant (CD) became the title preferred by scrolls scholars. Although no complete ms. of the work has been found at Qumran, Schechter's 2 large fragments (a & b) of medieval [10th & 12th c. CE] copies of CD from Cairo have been generally included in publications on the Dead Sea scrolls. CD addresses a separatist sect that understood itself in the light of Amos 5:26 as the faithful remnant of Israel "exiled...to Damascus" & provides a code of discipline in anticipation of an imminent end time.

Other online resources:

  • Covenant of Damascus - translation of full text of Zadokite document (posted by Essene Nazarene Church of Mt. Carmel).

  • Damascus Document  - image & translation of 4Q271 in Dead Sea Scroll cyber-exhibit of the Library of Congress [USA].

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